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Vice Deanship for Student Activities

The Vice Deanship of Student Activities is considered the heart of the Deanship of Student Affairs and the active energy of the university, by embracing students, providing them with care and everything that contributes to building their integrative personality; This is achieved by means of training programs that contribute to the development of their skills, provide support for the implementation of their ideas and ignite their motivation and energies in leisure time with programs that help them gain experiences as well as many skills in building a creative university personality and leadership initiative.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Arifi 

Vice Dean for Student Activities 

Contact Details: 0114658852



- Working to provide students with good practices that make the individual an effective member of society through activity plans and skills.

- Organizing programs of activities that contribute to building a strong balanced body, mind, and spirit on the basis of true Islamic teachings and virtuous morals.

- Organizing programs of activities that work to raise the benevolent inclinations of the individual and instill a spirit of cooperation, altruism, sacrifice, and giving.

- Organizing programs that develop capabilities and talents, mobilize idle energies and invest them in the public interest of the individual and society.

- Helping to transform the knowledge the student received into positive behavior.

- Instilling the spirit of belonging and making students aware of their responsibilities towards their religion and homeland.

The Vice Deanship of Student Activities includes:

  • Student Partnership Program

  • Student Activities Department

  • Student Clubs’ Management

  • Theatre Unit

  • KSU Rovers


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