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Word of Prof. Dr. Dean of Student Affairs


I am pleased to welcome all visitors to the website of the Deanship of Student Affairs. You will find on this site everything related to student services, care, and activities. King Saud University is one of the oldest Saudi universities and the first university to establish a Deanship of Student Affairs. The Deanship began with a small office for student affairs in 1385 H. corresponding to 1965, and then developed into a Deanship in 1393 H. corresponding to 1974. Thus, the Deanship relies on a legacy and long experience in serving students and creating the appropriate environment for them to study and achieve knowledge. Student services and student activity programs have evolved in the past few years in line with the new vision of King Saud University and its quest for universality, a knowledge economy, and the graduation of distinguished Saudi competencies. In its strategic plan, the Deanship of Student Affairs has adopted development initiatives and projects to achieve the vision and mission of the university. Among these development programs are the Student Activity Clubs, the Student Partnership Program, the Student Rights Protection Unit, the Student Guidance and Counseling Center, and the Student Councils. The Volunteer Work Center and the University Students Skills Record will soon be added to these programs. The development was not limited to these new programs but included the development of even the old programs such as Student Housing (for male and female students), Student Food Services, caring for international students, caring for students with special needs, and the Student Skills Development Center. Development should not be temporary, but it should be a diligent and forward-looking movement and a continuous movement for improvement and development. We hope in the Deanship of Student Affairs that there will be a great response from the beneficiaries of our services. We also hope that we hear from them to know their views and suggestions and that they provide us with meaningful criticism. This would help us evaluate and develop these views and trends of the beneficiaries of students. We pray to Almighty Allah to guide us to the right path, and may the Peace, Mercy, and Blessing of Allah be upon you.

Prof. Ali bin Kanakher Al-Dalbahi       
Dean of the Deanship of Student Affairs

Last updated on : December 24, 2023 12:48pm