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Defining of the Deanship of Student Affairs

About Deanship 


The Deanship of Student Affairs is one of the supporting Deanships that oversees a wide range of programs and services that support the educational process at the university, which aims in its entirety to take care of students, create the appropriate environment for them to achieve knowledge, train them in additional fields to upgrade their skills, develop their mental and physical abilities, and prepare them in an integrated and balanced manner to graduate from the university as good citizens capable of competing in the academic, career and professional fields. The first beginnings of the Deanship of Student Affairs at King Saud University were on 16/8/1385 H. corresponding to 9/12/1965 as a small department of student affairs that supervised the affairs of students in the university colleges. It also supervised the implementation of the regulations for student affairs such as enrollment, admission, rewards, examinations, and keeping a record of the names of full-time and part-time students in each college. The extracurricular activity was organized through the general committees of activity in each college. Afterwards, the Student Association was established, for which a Supreme Council was formed under the chairmanship of the Rector of the University and included representatives of students from the colleges. In the academic year 1392/1393 H – 1973/1974 the University Supreme Council decided to establish a Deanship and a Vice Deanship for Student Affairs, provided that the Dean and the Vice Dean are appointed by a decision by the Rector of the University. Then a regulation was issued to the Deanship of Student Affairs in 1394 H. corresponding to 1974, clarifying the objectives of the Deanship and its competencies. The Deanship of Student Affairs provides care, services, and extra-curricular activities for male and female students of the university in accordance with a plan that seeks to achieve the educational and social objectives of the university. Services, activities, and care methods vary according to the requirements of the stage, the objectives of the university, and the needs of the community. The services, activities, and care provided by the Deanship are an essential pillar of the educational process at the university, as they are not only concerned with providing the appropriate atmosphere for male and female students to attain academic achievement but also seek to discover, nurture and develop student talents, in addition to training and qualifying male and female students in additional skills that help improve the university's outputs and enable university graduates to be competitive in the job market.

Our Vision

Excellence and global leadership in student activities and services


Our Mission

Providing distinguished student activities and services to graduate highly skilled cadres capable of competing locally and internationally through high-quality extracurricular activities, infrastructure, and superior equipment in accordance with the best international standards.



Our Strategic Objectives

Corporate Governance and Enabling Digital Transformation.

Achieving quality in all the work of the Deanship.

Innovation and creativity in student activities, services and care.

Proficiency in community partnership programs and volunteer work.

Diversifying financial sources and raising the efficiency of spending. 


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