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Vice Deanship for Student Services

The Vice Deanship of Student Services is concerned with the university student services and providing them in line with modern technology to maintain student time and speed of completion, in addition to paying attention to quality and work development.

Dr. Talal Al-Huzaimi

Vice Dean for Student Services 

Contact Details:

TEL: 0114677716



  •        Providing housing for students according to the university housing standards.

  •        Providing student housing needs such as supervision, maintenance, and construction.

  •        Providing meals according to the approved health conditions.

  •        Defining the conditions and specifications for providing meals at the university. 


    Creating the right environment for students with disabilities and academic follow-up. 

The Vice Deanship for Student Services includes:

  1. Student Housing Department


    • Male Student Residence 

    • Female Student Residence

  2. Food and Catering Department

  3. Special Needs Students Center






Last updated on : December 26, 2023 9:48am